The top Medicare Advantage Part C plan for beneficiaries is the policy that provides each person with the most value. Every man or woman wants their insurance to cover their doctors, have affordable costs, and provide quality benefits.

Generally, the more you pay in premiums, the less you pay when you use the insurance. Medicare Advantage bundles your benefits together and still boasts a low monthly premium.

Which Part C plan will work best for you? Let’s take a look!

What are the Top 5 Medicare Advantage Plans in 2022?

Since Medicare Advantage can change by county, there are over 700 Part C contracts in the United States. So, instead of choosing 5 out of so many options, we’re going to look at the companies that provide quality Part C plans year after year.

The top 5 Part C Plans are offered by:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • UnitedHealthcare


When it comes to high-quality Part C plans, Aetna is a solid choice. These Medicare Advantage plans have an average of 4 stars. While most of the plans are HMOs, Aetna has an expansive provider network.

Aetna has A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Most of the Aetna Part C options cover vision, dental, fitness memberships, and hearing.

For those that travel, Aetna “Explorer” plans are available in select states; these plans allow you to get in-network benefits from any Aetna facility or doctor in the United States. Also, Aetna Medicare Advantage plans cover you in an emergency room or urgent care center worldwide.

Another great reason to consider Aetna Medicare Advantage is the Apple watch integration via the Attain app by Aetna. In the app, you can track your health, set fitness goals, and earn rewards.


Medicare Advantage plans through Cigna are available in 26 states and Washington D.C. Most of the Part C options through Cigna are HMOs but the company does have PPO plans. More than 75% of the Medicare Advantage plans offered by Cigna have a $0 monthly premium.

Like most Part C plans, there is coverage for over-the-counter benefits, fitness programs, dental, vision, and hearing. Cigna also provides Medication Therapy Management.

Cigna might be the best plan for you if your doctor is in-network, your drug costs are lower than with other plans, and if you live in the service area.


Most Humana Medicare Advantage plans have a 4-star rating on the CMS website and the BBB gives them an A+ rating. It’s clear this company is a leader in the insurance industry. Humana is available in all 50 states, offering Part C plans in over 80% of counties.

MDLIVE telehealth costs are waived with Humana due to the pandemic, just another example of how this company continues to go above and beyond.

Kaiser Permanente

When it comes to consistent 5-star Medicare ratings, Kaiser Permanente takes the cake. Unfortunately, these policies are only available in eight states.

If you don’t live in the service area for a Kaiser plan, you’re not eligible to enroll. Kaiser only offers HMO plans, which means you must stay in the Kaiser network to benefit from coverage.

For those that like to travel, Kaiser does cover emergency and urgent care anywhere worldwide. You can pay a small monthly fee to add vision, dental, or hearing benefits to your Part C Kaiser policy.


The most popular Medicare Advantage plans are with UnitedHealthcare. Beneficiaries find UHC so appealing because there is a good balance between quality coverage, affordable costs, the largest provider network of all companies, several plan options, and the ability to add on additional benefits.

Many plan contracts with UHC have ratings of 4-stars. Nearly all plans have a $0 copay for telehealth visits as well as annual home health visits for those in need of a house call.


Which Medicare Advantage plan has the highest ratings?

Kaiser Permanente might have consistent 5-star ratings, but these plans have strict networks and limited availability. Next up would be UnitedHealthcare, more beneficiaries have a Part C policy through UnitedHealthcare than any other Medicare Advantage carrier.

What is the best company for Medicare Advantage?

Humana has so many options nationwide for a low cost, this company is certainly one of the best. But the best Part C plan for you could be with a different carrier.

Which Part C Plan has the best dental insurance?

Routine dental insurance is available through many Medicare Advantage plans but if you want the option for more comprehensive dental coverage added to your Part C plan, UnitedHealthcare might make the most sense. If you’re open-minded about having two separate policies, Medicare Advantage, and dental, then Humana could be an affordable alternative.

How to Enroll in the Best Medicare Advantage Plan

Enrolling in a Part C plan is simple, but it’s finding the right policy that can take time and effort. When you have a short discussion with our licensed Medicare agents about the things you look for in a policy, they can help you identify the coverage that will make sense for you.

Comparing plans and asking questions of our agents is both helpful and complimentary, so there isn’t a reason not to. Call us today or fill out an online rate form for the best plans in your area.

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