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Do Veterans Need Medicare Insurance Benefits

It seems there is more wrong information given to our veterans as they approach 65 than any other group. This is due to a lack of understanding that people have when trying to tie the governmental VA system to Medicare. Hopefully, by the end of this article, there will be a more precise understanding of

Updated: June 06, 2022 | read
Welcome to Medicare Visit

The Welcome to Medicare visit will likely be your first doctor visit Medicare covers. This initial visit requires no copay from you and is usually done by a primary care doctor. Your health care provider will use this visit to track and improve your health as medically necessary. A personal health plan is made for

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How to Get or Replace Your Medicare Card

Your medical cards are vital pieces of information to keep on you at all times. This works the same with your Medicare card. These have important information about your coverage and the data the healthcare providers need in order to get paid from your insurance company for your visit or service. Your Medicare Card Your