A new benefit getting a lot of attention is Medicare Flex cards. These cards allow you to buy specific items instead of using money out of your pocket. The products and services you can use the flex card on will vary according to the plan you select.

These cards are debit cards typically linked to a flexible spending account.

Medicare Flex Card Benefits

The benefits of your flex card will vary depending on the Medicare Advantage plan and carrier you choose, as well as the area you live. Flex cards can be used to pay copays for certain services, buy over-the-counter products and supplies, and even healthy food.

Flex Card Benefit Amounts

The amount of money you’re allowed to spend varies wildly depending on the carrier, plan, and area that you live in. The average benefit is about $500 per year, and the current advertisement everyone is asking about states a $2,880 Medicare flex card. While there may be one plan with this benefit, it’s not available in all areas or for all beneficiaries.

Medicare Flex Card Advertisements

Companies that offer Medicare plans will advertise benefits to entice beneficiaries to call in or fill out a request form to be contacted. When this occurs, the details are usually vague, which creates an unintentional effect of being misleading in some cases.

There are so many variations on the benefits offered on the flex card. The advertisements are not specific to your area or plan. The amount or availability of the flex card for you could be different from that shown in the ad.

How Are Flex Card Benefits Used?

Flex cards are intended to be used for qualified medical expenses like medical equipment, copays or coinsurance, Dental, vision, or hearing care, prescriptions, over-the-counter items, diagnostic devices, healthy food, and more.

You use them the same way you would a typical debit card, by first creating a pin and then swiping it like a debit card. You can’t use these cards at any store like you do your bank debit card. Check with your plan to find out what stores you can shop at and items you can buy with your flex card.

Flex Card Eligibility

To be eligible for a Medicare flex card, you must enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that offers the flex card benefit. Since not all areas and Medicare Advantage plans provide a flex card, it’s dependent on your region.

If you live in a place where the flex card benefit is offered. You must have Medicare Part A and Part B, and enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that provides a flex card benefit.


Is it true Medicare provides a $2,880 flex card?

Not exactly. Medicare itself doesn’t offer a flex card benefit. In certain areas, Medicare Advantage plans are offering flex cards. The amount varies depending on the insurance company, plan you choose, and the location that you live in.

Does Original Medicare offer flex cards?

No, Original Medicare does not give you the flex card benefit. Flex card benefits are exclusive to Medicare Advantage plans.

Is there a flex card benefit for beneficiaries?

Yes, they’re available through Medicare Advantage plans.

Can I get a flex card with my Medigap Plan?

No. That’s because Medicare Supplements are additional insurance to Original Medicare, so there is no available flex card benefit.

Can you use your Medicare flex card for food?

Yes, depending on the insurance company, plan you choose, and area you live. Some Medicare Advantage plans allow you to use your flex benefits card for certain healthy food items.

Can I buy over-the-counter items from the store using my flex card benefit?

Yes! If your Medicare Advantage plan allows over-the-counter items to be purchased by the flex benefit. Not all flex cards have the same benefits. Check with your plan provider for details on what items you can buy and where you can use your flex card.

Can I use my flex card for copays?

Yes! Depending on the plan you choose. Some Medicare Advantage plans allow you to use your flex card benefits to pay copays for healthcare provider copays. Others may limit it to dental, vision, or hearing costs.

How do I know if my Medicare Advantage plan offers a flex card?

Suppose you are currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. In that case, you can call the customer service number on the back of your medical card to receive assistance.

Getting Help With Your Flex Card

If you are looking to see if you have the maximum flex card benefit in your area, give us a call, or fill out our online request form. Our licensed agents are experts on Medicare and your options.

We would be happy to review all the options in your area and help you enroll in a plan that best fits your needs.

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